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Conditions for our Home owners

Mediation conditions of the operator of the mediation platform
CanaryCasas.com, Ramona casa 7 Islas S.L.
el Rosario 6, 38420 San Juan de la Rambla,
Tenerife, Spain

Dear landlord

In the following terms of cooperation, you will be referred to as the landlord / holiday home owner in the following “VHO”
The Canary Casas Marketplace, owned by Ramona casa 7 Islas S.L. is hereinafter abbreviated to “CC”. The following paragraphs regulate the contractual relationship between you (VHO – vacation home owner) and the CC. Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

The CC Marketplace consists of a network of exclusive contractual partners and channels for advertising and brokering holiday homes. CC operates and is responsible for the integrity of the process from the binding booking to securing the payment processes to securing the availability of the respective property for arrival and during the stay.

The remuneration for the marketing and brokerage is calculated flexibly on the net calculation amount of the overnight price for the number of overnight stays, excluding the ancillary costs with cleaning or operating costs allocated to the customer. Our remuneration is set off against the net price and thus offered to the customer.

Net price (net price / night x number of nights)

+ (Agency fee RC7I)

+extra costs (final cleaning)

= Booking price to be paid by the customer

This is only due in the event of success, i.e. a booking that has been made. We calculate our remuneration directly to the customer in the form of a down payment. With this we ensure the seriousness of the booking
The remaining amount of the booking will be requested up to 2 weeks before arrival by request for payment.
The VHO provides CC with the current net price plan for renting out your property. For this purpose, CC provides a seasonal scheme on which the VHO can orient its price structure.
If the property is offered on a VHO own or VHO managed third-party website with price information, the net booking prices reported by CC may reach a maximum of net booking prices entered on the platforms (minus the respective platform commission).
CC expressly reserves the right to delete objects if necessary and to cancel the associated contract if this point is violated. In addition, CC generally reserves the right to include an object in the offer or not.
Before being activated, each property is checked manually to determine whether it can be placed on the basis of the data, photos and prices.
Process of a booking via Canary Casas Marketplace
The customer books the property directly online or with the help of our agency partners. This booking is confirmed by paying a reservation fee. This booking is binding on the part of the customer, so the VHO does not receive any inquiries that do not actually come about.
As soon as the deposit has been received, the VHO receives the full customer data. The customer data includes, among other things, the full name with full address, as well as the telephone number and email address of the customer.
Up to 14 days before check-in, the customer is obliged to make the remaining payment of the booking amount. For this purpose, the customer receives a payment instruction from CC when booking and a payment request 21 days before check-in.
The rental payments received, minus costs and commissions, are transferred within 7 days of receipt of payment, but at the earliest at the time of the guests’ arrival.

Conditions for listing and marketing on the Canary Casas Marketplace

The term of the contract is 1 year and is automatically extended by 1 year if it is not terminated in due time. The notice period is 6 months.

All booked occupancy days that go beyond the notice period must be carried out and guaranteed by the VHO. After receiving notification of the termination by the VHO, CC must immediately suspend availability for bookings for the period after the notice period.

CC and VHO agree to maintain a rational and friendly style of behavior and communication with guests and to do everything possible to support the well-being of guests during their stay.

The VHO has immediate and unrestricted access to all information that CC generates in relation to its object.
After receipt of a booking and its confirmation, the CC must inform the VHO immediately about the time and details of the booking. All further interactions from CC with the arriving guest must be shared with the VHO.

All information that CC passes on to potential guests has been agreed with the VHO.

The VHO must ensure that every booking made can be realized. If the vacation cannot be realized, the VHO assumes full responsibility and the costs of the consequences.

The VHO is free to use other channels to market its holiday property. However, the VHO must ensure with the help of a channel manager that the integrity of the booking calendar of the property is ensured and that there are no double bookings. If the VHO does not have a channel manager, CC can submit an offer (for a fee) to the VHO.

We use a wide network of different agencies and platforms to market our properties. At the moment of agreeing to our agreement, the VHO is not allowed to own accounts for
to open the intermediary platforms used by CC.

When concluding the contract between the VHO and CC, the use of the VHO’s channels must be disclosed by listing the links to the respective channel.

The VHO is fully responsible for the holiday property in structural and legal terms.

The parties agree to a disclaimer unless otherwise stated. No disclaimer is agreed for:

Deliberately caused damage to all property and legal rights
Gross negligence caused damage to all property and legal interests
Carelessly caused damage to life, body and health

These provisions are the basis for using the Canary Casas Marketplace. If parts of these provisions are ineffective or unenforceable, the statutory provisions apply to this point. The effectiveness of the overall provisions remains unaffected.